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 Our mission is to provide tweens and teens with age-appropriate, representative, diverse resources that can help them with self-development, self-esteem, and identity.

Pre-teens & teens often feel misunderstood & alone
With the many changes & pressures they go through during this stage, they need to feel

Having resources that represent them, and provide them with the information they need to navigate the challenges and emotions they experience is a necessity!

This is how we help teens develop life long skills that will impact their identity, self-esteem & mental health.

Check out our IYKYK series on puberty!

Pre-teens and teens experience many changes in their bodies and this experience can be confusing. They often feel alone in the process and unsure how to express their feelings or makes sense of them. This series addresses the topic of puberty in a relatable, comical way.

Sonya and Jamal take them through their own experience of puberty, the challenges, the good times, and tackle important topics like masculinity and body positivity.

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& Events

We provide pre-teen & teen activites, train educators, speak at conferences, and tailor workshops to your needs. Get in touch to inquire more. We'd love to meet and chat!

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