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A book for preteen and teen boys ages 8-14.


Do you sometimes feel confused about  the changes your body is going through?

Is it hard for you to put your feelings into words?

Does it feel like no one gets it?

Let us introduce you to Jamal. He’ll walk you through his experience
of puberty with his upbeat personality
and sense of humor.


By: Hoda Elshayeb, Wala'a Farahat & Buraidah Razack

Illustrator: Shireen Ahmed


Hoda Elshayeb and Wala’a Farahat have over 26 years of combined experience in child psychology, therapy, coaching, teaching, and community programming. They have a wealth of expertise in working with preteens and teen boys, particularly when it comes to the complex and often challenging process of puberty. Both within their offices, and classrooms, they've seen the significant impact that a lack of accessible tools and age-appropriate education materials can have on boys' self-esteem, body image, and mental health.

Featuring Buraidah Razack
Buraidah Razack has more than 8 years of experience in education and mental health, and developed a passion for facilitating anti-oppressive and anti-racist programs. He is actively working to create more inclusive spaces and resources for youth and families of colour from different faith backgrounds.

If You Know, You Know! With Jamal

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